It warmly welcomes you the Podere Castello Team

On the spot you will be welcomed by Michèle Ducommun and Thomas Oertig.

Since 2015 we have been leading the Podere Castello with joy and dedication as a family business. Our children Lukas and Isabel and their two in-laws Kathrin and Marc support us with administrative and development-related questions in the background, help us with problems and are also happy to help during the holidays.

We look forward to welcome you at the Podere Castello as our guests!

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  • Management
  • Controlling/Finances
  • Maintenance
  • Management
  • Interior design
  • Housekeeping Coordination
  • Photographer
  • project developer
  • Management social media
  • Advertising
  • Homepage (Text & Design)
  • Booking management
  • Advertising
  • IT Management
  • Homepage (construction+maintenance)
  • Booking management
1. Thomas Oertig
Thomas is our landlord and founder. Without him, there beautiful place would not look like it looks today. Everything that has been rebuilt, renovated or redesigned, he has implemented himself with a lot of energy and his own ideas. In the manual work Gaetano and Nello were energetic teachers and supporters. Since the renovation phase, he is responsible for the maintenance, the garden and the chestnut grove are very close to his heart. Of particular importance to him is the personal contact with his guests. LINK HISTORIE
2. Michèle Ducommun
Michèle is the house fairy in our company. Everything that seems loving was conjured up by her hands and her unique view of detail. The furnishings in the rooms, the self-sewn curtains, the bed linen and sofa pillows, as well as the deliberately staged self-drawn pictures or works of other well-known artists. Cleanliness in the apartments and a targeted care of the grounds and gardens is particularly important to her, so that all guests feel comfortable and at home.
3. Lukas Gann
Lukas is our house photographer and creative mind full of (not yet implemented) ideas. All pictures on the homepage and at Airbnb were shot with his photographic eye and edited by himself. He would now like to reroute other projects, such as building an in-house chicken coop or designing cottages for the bats living in the Castello.
4. Isabel Oertig
IIsabel is our positive pole in the team. She takes into account requests from all sides and uses problems as development opportunity. She is responsible for the social media management. Together with Kathrin, she designs new flyers and launches promotions. She spends all her holidays together with her daughter Noelle at this place like home and she definitely sees where she could give a hand to her parents.
5. Kathrin Gann
Kathrin is our realistic and often critical pole in the team. She looks on points, where development potential exists. Therefore, she likes to put her passion and her free time into the company and manages further steps and task distribution. Together with Marc, she continues to maintain and develop the new homepage and is responsible for writing the content.
6. Marc Gallinelli
Marc is our in-house IT specialist. All the computer technology programs, that a company needs today, are installed and maintained by him. He has a great knowhow, but also a great will to reapply everything. The maintenance of the Airbnb account, the booking management, the support of the email address and the development and maintenance of the homepage are among his tasks.